Almonds, flaked


Flaked almonds are used to decorate cakes and tortes or as an ingredient in salads and Asian dishes. Whole almonds are blanched (peeled) and then gently flaked, which ensures the customer receives a product for scattering with a negligible amount of breakage and meal, despite the production stages and transportation.


Typical values
per 100 g
1 serving
(25 g)
2,561 kJ
620 kcal
640 kJ
155 kcal
21.3 g
5.3 g
5.1 g
1.3 g
of which sugar
3.9 g
1.0 g
54.6 g
13.7 g
of which saturated fatty acids
4.0 g
1.0 g
11.5 g
2.9 g
0.01 g
<0.01 g


* GDA recommended daily Amounts
(The values are based on a daily nutritional intake of 2,000 kcal – source CIAA)

Almonds, flaked · 100 g