Shelled Hazelnuts, whole


Hazelnut trees are cultivated in the countries of the Mediterranean and along the Black Sea Coast. Three quarters of global production come from Turkey, although countries like Georgia and Azerbaijan are catching up quickly in terms of quantity and quality. Other countries like Spain, Greece or the USA currently play a lesser role in hazelnut cultivation.

Italy’s growing regions, namely the area around Vesuvius, the “Roman” in northern Italy and the province of Piedmont, are worthy of mention.

Hazelnuts are rich in proteins, complex carbohydrates, fibre, iron, calcium and Vitamin E. Like other nuts they contain no cholesterol and little sugar. Over 80 % of the fat content of hazelnuts comes from monounsaturated fatty acids.



Typical values
per 100 g
1 serving
(25 g)
2,791 kJ
677 kcal
698 kJ
169 kcal
13.2 g
3.3 g
7.6 g
1.9 g
of which sugar
4.3 g
1.1 g
64.1 g
16.0 g
of which saturated fatty acids
5.4 g
1.4 g
8.2 g
2.1 g
0.01 g
<0.01 g


* GDA recommended daily Amounts
(The values are based on a daily nutritional intake of 2,000 kcal – source CIAA)


Shelled Hazelnuts, whole · 200 g